5 Best Military Haircuts and Hairstyles

Military Haircuts for men have the cleanest and the most classical look ever. That’s what mainly triggers men around because the look is so corporal.

When you were a teenager, you probably had a dream to be a military. There is an 80 per cent chance you have something hanging inspired by the army in your wardrobe.

Now, you must be planning to make a dream come true, and your mind is puzzled by many thoughts. You must be excited and nervous at the same time.

Now, when you get there, will give your look will be given a chance. Short haircuts with clean shave are what freaks men out, but you don’t need to worry.

Because we have the Stunning and Gorgeous Ideas of military hair that really give you the professional and new look.

The Regulation Haircut

Military Hairstyles and haircuts, being one of the oldest hair ideas, can be done if you have long hair because only trimming is needed.

Regulation Military Haircuts for Men
Regulation Military Haircuts for Men

The hair from the top is trimmed short and parted to the side for a clean look. The hair on both sides and back are tapered.

They are faded until the skin by using a trimmer for a dapper look. It looks nice if you have a receding hairline.

Men Buzz Hair ideas

This haircut is primarily for young boys and professional men with curly hair. You can suggest this military haircut for yourself if this will suit you and give you a better look on your face.

Military Buzz Haircut
Military Buzz Haircut

It has hardly an inch on the top and back. The hair is faded in a flowy motion on the sides. The hairline is shaped and slightly faded using a trimmer on your forehead till your sideburns.

High and Tight Military Haircuts

Have you considered a look for men working in the marine world? This is a military haircut that is becoming popular day by day.

Military high and tight haircut
Military high and tight haircut

High and tight is faded from the sides and back. It has at least 2 inches of hair on the top on the same level.

You can side part them or backcomb them depending on your interest. Make sure you tell the barber to make a shape of your hairline.

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Ivy League Military Hairstyles

Ivy League or a Harvard clip known as a military haircut gives you the best professional look. It is the sexiest type of crew cut with hair on the top at least 2.5 to 3 inches long.

Military ivy league haircut
Military ivy league haircut

The exciting part for the barber is to fade the hair in a flowy motion with layers from the sides and back.

The side hair has to be from 2 inches which will completely disappear till it reaches the end. The side parting is the key to this hairstyle.

The Undercut

This is an acceptable and long military hairstyle. It is versatile and cut in layers entirely.

If the layers are short from the hairline, they might come on your face, so it is better to keep them a bit longer.

Undercut military hairstyle
Undercut military hairstyle

This way, it will be easier to comb them towards the back. It creates a frame for your entire look and suits on all occasions, whether formal or casual.

These are the best and trendy military hair ideas that you need to try this year. Most importantly, this is not just for men who are willing to go to the army.

It is definitely for men who want a professional, decent look. Since men are lazy and they don’t have much time to spare on their look.

Getting a military haircuts will make a lot more difference, not just in looks but also in their personality and lifestyle. Good luck being the military man!

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