How Much Does Hair Coloring Cost?


How Much Does Hair Coloring Cost? Coloring your hair can be a convenient way to change up your look, but costs can add up quickly.

The cost of a hair color treatment depends on a few factors, including the type of color and the method you choose.

Factors That Influence Hair Coloring Cost

Hair Coloring Cost

    • Type of color. Dyed color can range from permanent and washout formulas. The permanent color lasts the longest but can be more expensive. Washout formulas provide much more flexibility, but you need to be prepared to re-apply frequently.
    • Method. The process of coloring your hair at a salon can vary greatly. The most basic method includes a basic color application applied all over. The cost for this type of application is usually cheaper. But if you want more complex color treatments such as highlights, balayage, or ombre, the cost will be higher.
    • Length of hair. The price of a hair coloring treatment may depend on the amount of hair you have. A single-process application may cost $50 to $100 for shoulder-length hair, while the same application may go up by a few hundred dollars for hair past the shoulder.

Average Cost of Hair Coloring

Average Cost of Hair Coloring


The exact cost of hair coloring varies, but here are some estimates to give you an idea of the typical cost:

    • Basic single process color: $60-100
    • Highlights: $100-250
    • Balayage: $100-350
    • Ombre: $150-400
    • Double process: $200-600

Keep in mind that these prices don’t usually include additional services such as a haircut or blow-dry, so it’s best to ask your salon for a full price list before you start.

Tips for Reducing Hair Coloring Cost

Reducing Hair Coloring Cost


    • Choose a semi-permanent color. These types of colors last up to 6 to 8 weeks and are an inexpensive way to try a new color and add some vibrancy to your locks.
    • Book a coloring session at home. If you are on a budget, you may want to try DIY harsh formulas at home. Just make sure to pick up the right products for your hair type, and don’t be surprised if you need to touch up after a couple of weeks.
    • Opt for a root touch-up instead of a full-color application. A root touch-up typically takes less time and requires fewer materials, resulting in lower costs.
    • Look for coupons and discounts. Many salons offer discounts and specials, so it pays to ask around or check out local advertising.

In conclusion, the cost of hair coloring can vary significantly depending on the type of color and the method used.

Shop around and look for discounts or specials to get the best deal on your next color treatment.


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