Graffiti Style Art: Express Yourself in a Wild Way


Graffiti Style Art – Are you looking for an exciting, fun, and creative way to express yourself? Begin exploring graffiti-style art!

This form of artistic expression allows for a wild, out-of-the-box approach to painting.

Through graffiti, you can unleash your inner artist and draw anything you can think of, from intricate and imaginative scenes to humorous and clever cartoons.

Different Graffiti Styles

Graffiti offers many ways to create unique pieces of art. Depending on your personal style and preferences, you can choose any or all of these graffiti styles:

    • Calligraffiti – Also known as lettering, calligraffiti combines both calligraphy and graffiti together.
    • Wildstyle – Wildstyle graffiti is made of letters and characters that cross each other.
    • Stencil Art – A stencil is a template used to spray paint a picture or phrase.
    • Sticker Art – Sticker art involves creating and designing graffiti pieces out of sticky adhesive art.
    • Street Art – Street art usually involves large murals and street art dedicated to social issues or personal messages.
    • Tagging – This is usually what people think of when they think of graffiti. It’s a form of graffiti that involves simple letters, shapes, and symbols.

Graffiti Style Art

Graffiti Supplies

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced graffiti artist, you will need some essential supplies to draw your amazing graffiti. Here are the basic supplies you will need:

    • Assorted Paint – A variety of paint is recommended to make your graffiti POP!
    • Markers – Use markers to leave detailed and intricate lines.
    • Spray Paint – Spray paint provides a unique texture and can be used for any graffiti style.
    • Paint Brushes – Paint brushes are essential for small details, shadowing, and shading.
    • Stencils – Stencils are perfect for large-scale pieces of art.
    • Stickers – A great way to add a bit of character and humor to your graffiti art.

Where to Draw?

Drawing your graffiti art can be done on almost any suitable surface, such as walls, paper or cardboard. You can even draw your graffiti on canvas.

It’s important to remember to only paint on surfaces that you have permission to use.

Get Creative with Graffiti Style Art

Graffiti-style art is a great way to express your creativity and originality. With bright colors and a few simple supplies, you can create amazing pieces of art. So if you’re looking for a new and fun way to express your artistic side, why not give graffiti a try?

Creative with Graffiti Style Art

Graffiti drawing is Easy

Graffiti drawing can be easy but it can also be very challenging. The key to making graffiti art look easy is practice.

Start with simple designs and work your way up to more complex shapes. It is important to keep a sketchbook or other reference material nearby to draw inspiration from.

If you have any art supplies, use them to help bring your graffiti art to life.

When you are ready, gradually build up the complexity of your pieces until you are confident in your talent. Remember to take breaks as you draw to avoid getting discouraged.

Graffiti Drawing Ideas

1. Create a humanoid figure made up of abstract shapes and shapes of animals.

2. A 3D mural that has layers of different shapes and images overlapping each other.

3. Create a mural that features a particular message, such as “love” or “peace”.

4. A large portrait of your favorite celebrity, musician, or athlete.

5. An abstract and colorful depiction of the “eye of the storm.”

6. A 3D mural that consists of colorful shapes and lines connected together, creating a larger and more vibrant mural.

7. “Bubble letters” spelling out a phrase or words of your choice.

8. Create a vision board of images and words you want to manifest in your life.

9. An optical illusion of shapes and patterns that appear to move.

10. Draw an inspirational quote or phrase.

Graffiti Drawing Ideas Graffiti Style Art

Graffiti Drawing Letters

Graffiti drawing is an art form that has existed for centuries, but gained fame in urban areas during the 1970s.

It focuses on drawing letters, shapes, and other images that express the artist’s ideas and messages.

Graffiti can take many forms, from complex murals to simple tags written on the side of buildings.

The techniques used to create graffiti vary from person to person but may include the use of spray paint, markers, pencils, or other tools.

It can also be used to spread political or social messages, or simply to make a statement.

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