Best Short Nail Designs for Winter Season 2023


Short Nail Designs for Winter is the best time to play around with nail designs. Nowadays there are tons of adorable options out there if you have short nails. From simple to fancy, these cute winter nail designs are sure to make you look and feel fabulous.

Pretty and Simple Winter Nail Designs

Simple Winter Nail Designs

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your look without any effort, these simple winter nail designs are perfect. Achieve this minimalistic look with any winter-inspired nail polish color for a more subtle effect.

    • Sparkly Snowflakes — Dress up your nails with silver, gold, or glittered snowflake designs. Perfect for an evening look.
    • Matte and Shine — For an extra chic look, combine a matte color with some metallic and glitter accents. A must-have for holiday parties.
    • White Pebbles — Create a unique white pebble pattern on your nails for a dazzling effect.
    • Ombré French Mani — How gorgeous is this ombre pink-to-white French mani?
    • Geometric Shapes — Play with geometric shapes and various art techniques like smudging and shading to create an effortless look.

Fancy Winter Nail Designs

Fancy Winter Nail Designs

If you’re looking for something fancier, these winter nail designs will take your look to the next level. #LongLiveNailArt!

    • Snow Globe Nails — Re-create winter’s favorite snow globes on your nails for a unique look.
    • Glitter and Stones — Glitter and stones always look perfect for the winter. Add to it some 3D details and the look is complete.
    • Chrome Nails — Chrome nails are the hottest trend of the season. They look stunning in any color.
    • Winter Watercolor — Play with watercolor effects and pastel colors to create an ethereal winter look.

Whatever design you decide to go with, these winter nail designs will have you feeling like winter wonderland royalty!

Cute winter nail designs

Cute winter nail designs

1. Snow Globe Nail Design – To create this look, use a light blue nail polish and then layer it with a white cream to create the snow. Add a red gemstone on top and finish with some glitter.

2. Plaid Nails – Create a plaid pattern using two different nail polish colors in a checkerboard pattern. To complete the look, add a top coat of silver glitter.

3. Polar Bear Nail Design – Paint your nails with a light blue color and then use white and black polish to create the face of a polar bear.

4. Santa Nail Design – Paint your nails with red and white stripes and then use black polish to create a belt, eyes, nose, and a beard for the top of your nails.

5. Penguin Nail Design – Paint your nails with a dark blue color and use white polish to create the shape of a penguin. Add small black beaks and eyes to complete the look.

6. Snowflake Nail Design – To create this look, use silver or white polish to paint the shape of snowflakes on your nails. Then add some glitter or tiny gems to add some sparkle.

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